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Official Mirror List

Are you currently experiencing difficulties accessing the official 1xbit official website and placing your bets? If that's the case, you can still access the following 1xbit mirror sites and place your bets:

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▢️ Introduction to 1xbit Alternative/Mirror Sites

Some governments forbid online sports betting and other forms of gambling, which stops devoted gamblers from creating betting accounts, funding them, placing their wagers, and withdrawing wins. Due to this, designated authorities, make it challenging for players to place bets, primarily by blocking some online betting sites' URLs.

The aforementioned scenario has occurred and is continuing to occur to 1xbit in numerous areas throughout the world. The main topic of this post is how technology makes it simple to get through this barrier.



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🀌 What are mirror sites?

What then is a mirror site? In essence, a mirror website is a copy, clone, or imitation of the original/official website. The availability of the original website is mostly decreased or increased via mirror sites.

The official 1xbit.com website offers a variety of mirror sites at various URLs for players who are experiencing problems connecting to 1xbit, or bettors who wish to access 1xbit from jurisdictions where this bookmaker isn't allowed to conduct their business freely.

😫 What is a 1xbit mirror?

A mirror of 1xbit is a replica or duplicate of the primary or official website. It implies that whatever you discover or see as a player or bettor on the 1xbit mirror site(s) is comparable to what is provided on the original site. You may access your account on these mirror sites, add money to it, place bets, and withdraw your wins just like on the original 1xbit website.

πŸ” How to find working 1xbit.com mirror sites?

Finding working 1xbit mirror sites isn't a difficult undertaking as such. If you are having trouble finding working 1xbit mirror sites, you can resort to using the following ways:

  • Using search engines - You can find functioning 1win.com mirror sites via search engines. One possible search term is "working 1xbit.com mirror sites." You can observe lots of them emerging in this manner and discover several treasured links.
  • Through the 1xbit customer support team – 1xbit continuously builds mirror sites for their advantage, mostly through boosting their customer base. If you are having trouble visiting 1xbit.com mirror sites, you may easily get in touch with their customer service representatives for help.
  • Social networks - Leading bookmakers like 1xbit keep active accounts on several social networks to stay in touch with their customers. From these accounts, you can find plenty of functional 1xbit mirror sites.
  • Through a mobile app - Information regarding mirrors can be found in the news sections of the 1xbit mobile app.

πŸ“Œ How does a website mirror on 1xbit work?

One of the simplest ways to access official websites is through mirror sites, especially if you live somewhere where doing so is difficult. As was briefly discussed above, mirror sites give users various URLs they can use to access a particular website. With the 1xbit mirror site, you can simply visit the bookmaker, place your bets, and withdraw your profits using mirror sites, just as you can on the original or genuine 1xbit website.

πŸͺž Do I need to re-register with the 1xbit mirror site?

There is no need to re-register with 1xbit if you must access it through a mirror site. Especially in nations where online sports betting is prohibited, once you register with them, you can continue to access the site with the original information that the bookmaker keeps in its database even if the main site is shut down or placed on a government blacklist. You do not have to register again if you are a player using the 1xbit mirror site.

πŸ’‘ Is the 1xbit mirror site a good idea?

Before choosing to place your bets at 1xbit, you should be aware that mirror sites are continuously appearing and disappearing. Mirror sites, however, are a great option, especially if you reside in a country or area where it is unlawful to partake in online sports betting. Given that 1xbit frequently updates its list of the most recent mirror sites, you might want to keep an eye out for new ones.

⛏️ Conclusion – should you use the 1xbit mirror strategy?

Once more, using 1xbit mirror sites is safe, particularly if online sports betting is still restricted where you live. However, you need to be highly cautious, as some websites that claim to be 1xbit.com mirror sites aren't genuine. You must go to the mirror websites listed on the main 1xbit.com page if you want to be on the safe side.

πŸ”‘ 1xbit MIRROR FAQ

❓What are 1xbit mirror sites?

1xbit mirror sites are copies or clones of the official 1xbit website that you can access, place your bets, and withdraw your wins.

🧐 Are 1xbit mirror sites safe?

1xbit mirror sites are safe as they offer the same level of security as the official sites. By law, all 1xbit mirror sites must comply with laid down regulations.

🌍 What are some of the available payment methods at 1xbit mirror sites?

You can fund and withdraw your wins from your 1xbit account using Tether, OmiseGo, Chainlink, Paxos Standard Token, and True USD, to mention a few.

πŸ’³ Where can I find genuine and working 1xbit mirror sites?

Apart from search engines, you can find working 1xbit mirror sites from the official 1xbit website.